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Mobile Technology


Smart Phones

Smart Phones

Currently, mobile technology and specifically mobile apps is all the rage in Africa and especially Kenya. If you ask
me, Kenya is setting precedence in Eastern Africa (if not the whole of Africa and the world) in mobile technology
in terms of mobile apps innovation, development and use. 
There are various reports on research carried out that  confirms all that. This may be attributed in part to the 
increasing bandwidth, availability and affordability of smart phones and other mobile computing devices among 
other factors. Instead of repeating what has been said in various online journals/blogs about why it is the best 
time to go mobile whether it is just automating business processes, developing apps, or even entertainment, I 
will list links that will most definitely have you "converted" from total belief/trust in PC's, purely desktop applications
and cynicism in mobile technology, to accepting the truth: mobile is all the rage. You'll thank me later.Here we go:

Why it is a good time to develop mobile apps in Africa

The page from this link not only addresses developers but the content can be understood from different 
perspectives and still make sense. Whether it is from an investor's perspective, to a computer science major 
student, or even a business that would want to render services on a mobile platform.

Mobile Trends 2020

In this page there's a document that forecasts what is to come in mobile technology on a global perspective.

Mobile Trends in Africa by 2020

This is a nice summary of mobile trends by 2020 in Africa by various people in the mobile space in Africa and 
globally. This is a must read for those in Africa or interested in mobile trends in Africa. The technology mentioned
is not far off from being available. From the look of things, it can only get better. I am not anti desktop PC's and PC 
software, I just know that one thing is for sure, the future is definitely mobile.The above links aren't all that is 
available online on why mobile technology is the in thing. If you still need more convincing, just search. You can 
get lots more online.

About allan allay

I am a Full Stack Software Developer also pursuing a Masters in Mobile Telecommunications and Innovation. I blog, dabble in robotics and computer networks. My interests are in Social good, ICT4D, M4D & D4M


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